Leave the Oil Change to Our Auto Service Specialists

Most car manufacturers recommend that oil change should be done every 5,000 miles or every six months, whatever comes first. It’s crucial that every car owner follows this recommendation. When it comes to changing motor oil, you can rely on Express Tires & Wheels. Our auto service specialists in Inglewood, CA will make sure you get a reliable service from us.

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Keep the Motor Oil Clean

The car’s engine is like its heart. Once the engine stops working, the entire car gets compromised. To ensure that the engine is working properly, it has to be well-lubricated. This is the reason you have to make sure that the motor oil in the car’s engine is working properly. Without proper lubrication, the car’s moving parts will create heat which will wear them down.

If the motor oil is enough and clean, it can cool down the moving parts. Over time, the parts in the engine could accumulate dirt which could cause corrosion, and this could damage the engine components. If this happens, you end up paying for costly repairs. Since changing the motor oil periodically can save the life of your car’s engine, it’s best to follow the recommendation of the manufacturers.

Using the Right Motor Oil Grade

According to the experts, the older your car the more often you need to have the oil changed. Aside from the frequency of the oil change, you have to make sure that the motor oil used is the right grade recommended to you by the manufacturer. This is the reason you have to leave the changing of the motor oil to our auto service specialists. We don’t only make sure that we use the right grade, we also make sure that we use the right quality and quantity of motor oil for your car.

Equipped to Properly Clean the Motor Oil

Before pouring the motor oil to it’s designated area, we remove the old old properly first. We see to it that the old oil is completely removed to ensure that the engine will not get dirty with the old oil. Since we are environmentally friendly, the oil that we remove from your car will be properly disposed.

To ensure that the motor oil is properly changed, come to Express Tires & Wheels. Bring your car to our auto service shop in Inglewood, CA or call us now at (310) 676-0291.

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