More About the Auto Repairs We Provide

When it comes to professional auto repairs and maintenance of your car, the expert mechanics at Express Tires & Wheels are here to address your needs. Situated in Inglewood, CA, our auto shop has grown from an unknown business to a premier choice for many drivers and car owners, thanks to its wide range of general auto services, including:

Tire & Wheel Repair 

It does not matter whether your vehicle has front or rear-wheel drive, we can service it anyways. We offer excellent tire repairs, which is only a part of the comprehensive range of wheel repair services we can perform for your vehicle. We can work on the sway bar and sway bar bushing, as well as the lower control arm, strut dust boot, and upper strut, as well as coil spring, and many other parts of your wheel drive.

AC Repair 

Tire Repair in Inglewood, CA

Tire Repair

Whether the filters of your auto air conditioner need replacing or there is an issue with the compressor or the condenser, our mechanics will make sure to remove all problems for you. We can also replace the expansion valve, as well as the drier, and even work on the evaporator and blower of your car AC, promising excellent and affordable service.

Oil Change 

A scheduled oil change of your vehicle provides plenty of benefits, especially for the performance of your vehicle. If you want to make sure that all parts of your automobile are operating properly, you can easily arrange an appointment with our mechanics and let us change the oil, should it be necessary.

General Auto Repair 

Our auto shop is known for its general auto repairs, such as engine work, transmission repairs, suspension servicing, and various other repairs. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Contact our mechanics in Inglewood, CA at (310) 676-0291 to schedule a service with us and take advantage of the professional repairs our team offers. We await your calls and are looking forward to proving the credibility by which Express Tires & Wheels stands. Get in touch with us today!

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