The Auto Tire Repair Specialists You Can Trust

Over time and focusing on quality work, Express Tires & Wheels has become a preferred tire & rim repair shop for many drivers and car owners around. Located in Inglewood, CA, our team of mechanics can service all general aspects of your vehicle, featuring tire and wheel repairs, engine and transmission work, as well as AC repairs, and much more. Working with us is ideal. Want to find out why? Here, you can.

Tire Repair

Why Choose Our Company?

Established in 2015 and with numerous vehicles professionally serviced, our licensed and bonded tire & rim repair shop has progressed significantly. We emphasize professionalism and excellent customer service while making sure we deliver optimal servicing for any vehicle that enters our shop. We also focus on maintaining our prices affordable, and we give free labor estimates.

How Are We Different?

Our team of certified and fully insured mechanics is dedicated to customer satisfaction and continues to refine the tire repair services our business offers. We frequently update our work techniques and equipment. We also improve our knowledge to service each new vehicle more efficiently.

Contact our tire repair shop in Inglewood, CA to schedule an auto service appointment with our mechanics or learn more about our business – Express Tires & Wheels. We await your calls at (310) 676-0291 and are looking forward to your requests. Contact us today!

Services List

  • General Auto Repair
  • Tire & Wheel Repair
  • AC Repair
  • Oil Change
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